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The Forum Guy

Greetings, earthlings. My name's Shubh, but you must call me beaku.

I am 19, and hail from the mystical land of India. I'm currently pursuing software engineering (no stereotypes pls, I'm doing it because I like it). My political knowledge, albeit quite superficial, is mostly Indian-focused, whilst the remainder of my international-level awareness is centered on the US. I usually take a centre-to-right stance for most issues, but obviously no one political wing can be the solution to all problems.

Coming from a middle-class family in a poor country, I have seen stringent restrictions on our personal spending, but also luxuries in our better times. Being one of the most liberal world religions, Hinduism has allowed me to explore multiple schools of thought in my teenage years. I have been a theist, an atheist, a nihilist, a spiritualist and currently hold a strange mixture of all of these belief systems and more. Having studied in convent schools, I've also had a fair share of exposure to Christianity.

I joined reperceived because its aim resonates with one of my key philosophies: "If you have a right to your opinion, you also have a duty to consider opinions against it." Cheers to this project!