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United Kingdom, China


Hi, I'm Sean. I currently live in the North West of the UK, though I was born in China and have lived in France. I will hopefully start studying Medicine at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge this October.. My parents were rural farmers but managed to get into university, and left China so that I could have a good education and standard of living. I am proud to be Chinese and British by culture, in roughly equal measure, but I do not believe the government of China is legitimate or serves the interests of the Chinese people.

My political stance is slightly left-of-centre. I believe everyone should have access to food, shelter, education and free healthcare. In my opinion, taxation, public spending and the nationalisation of public services are beneficial to the population.

Personally, I believe in the scientific method and the importance of logical, evidence-based debate. I would consider myself to be liberal. My idea of liberalism is that everyone should be able to freely hold and express their personal views and make their own decisions, as long as they do not unfairly impact other people.