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United States


Heya, I'm Sarah, an 18-year-old American girl pursuing undergraduate degrees in Spanish and English. Though I don't fall into a specific denomination, putting the Christian faith into practice is of huge importance to me, and something that gets tested frequently as I have eight younger siblings to contend with on a daily basis. (Yes, I know that's a lot. No, we're not Catholic. :P)

Politically speaking, I have distinct libertarian tendencies, and would rather see the government stay out of most moral issues than interfere. It's safe to say that while I'm personally conservative when it comes to issues of faith, I don't want to see the government enforce my own principles on the greater spread of population, or those or any other religious organizations.

The concept of reperceived grew quite naturally out of the many (and sometimes quite heated!) debates Arya and I had where we emerged unconvinced of the other's view, but with friendship intact and having learned a thing or two about a very different mindset. I'm looking forward to continuing this on a broader scale, and can't wait to really get into it.