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United States, India


Hello everyone! I'm a 17-year-old currently residing in Atlanta, USA, though I was born and brought up in New Delhi.

Being a tennis player with the goal to turn pro, I spend a lot of my time either training or travelling and playing tournaments.

Speaking of religion and faith, I'm agnostic and I question the existence of any supreme entity. While I believe that people should have the freedom to practice any faith, I strongly feel that religion must be separated from politics, which is not the case in many parts of the world.

Politically, I lean left. While there are those who endorse inequality, I strongly feel that every human deserves an equal chance in life. This stance comes from the stark class differences that are prevalent in India, which I have witnessed throughout my time there, and interactions that I've had with many people from the depressed classes.

I'm greatly interested in politics and social issues across the globe, and I'm looking forward to a healthy debate with writers from all parts of the world with varying opinions on different topics.