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United Kingdom

Editorial Team

Hi all, my name is Joss Harrison and I'm from the United Kingdom. I'm a libertarian socialist, particularly influenced by Tony Benn and Antonio Gramsci, but I try to learn stuff from everyone I meet regardless of their political preferences.

I've just finished Year 13 and hope to go to university this year. I'm an atheist, but perfectly tolerant of religious belief as long as it's not forced on me.

I'd love to write about politics and economic inequality. My most important values are tolerance and equality.

I'm from a family of teachers, so while we're not rich we've always been fortunate enough to live a fairly comfortable lifestyle. I'm more interested in the world at large than my own community, as my local community is wealthy whereas my passion lies with the raising the disadvantaged.

I can't wait to get started with this project and to get involved in constructive debate :)