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United States

The Data Guy
Editorial Team

Howdy, folks. Online, I usually go by the screenname of Satellite-II, but you can call me John if you'd like. As of right now, I'm eighteen years old and currently in the midst of handling undergraduate college courses (my ultimate goal is to be involved in some form of engineering, perhaps electromagnetic, mechanical, or astronautical), as well as a part-time job. Living in a single floor residence in Nevada (USA) with my mother, I wouldn't say that we have an economically flourishing household, but we manage well enough.

Faith-wise, I walk the narrow line between Christianity and world-based logic, greatly interested in how things work and what is 'right'. This same view applies to my stance in politics, resulting in an inability on my part to adhere to either wing wholeheartedly.

For almost my entire life, my favorite playthings were a pile of Legos – constructing something complex, disassembling it, then using those same parts to create something entirely different was thrilling. As a member of reperceived, the design of my articles will take a congruent approach through dissolving issues into their basic components, developing an informed opinion from their properties, and using said components to construct potential arguments.