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United States

Social Media & Marketing

Hey there, I’m James. I live in the very rural New England of the United States. I’m 17 years old and going into my senior year in high school. Personally, I like to ski, run, code, play soccer, rock climb, shoot, and play my guitar. Working with a student voice organization has become an increasingly large part of my life, as youth leadership begins to contribute to real change where in the past it has only played a tokenistic role. I think it was this idea of youth-driven initiatives which drew me to reperceived: a collection of young people coherently and unconventionally challenging otherwise accepted schools of thought.

Politically, I have a tendency to support liberal views, but I’m comfortable acknowledging I have a lot to learn. I also know that my often idealist self can feel lost when recognizing the nuanced nature of an issue, but hopefully this work prompts me to explore these thoughts more. Regarding religion, I was raised Roman Catholic, but generally consider myself agnostic. I'm excited about the diverse nature of our demographic, and I look forward to hearing from vastly different perspectives.