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United Kingdom


Hi, I'm Harry Legg. I am English, residing in Devon, although I lived in London for most of my life (though not the most significant years). I am 18, 19 in September and hoping to attend university in September.

I consider the most important thing about myself to be my belief in the need for there to be a God to explain the many complexities of the world. A key idea which I have grappled with many times is that while science often grasps some of the answers to processes, at the end of every scientific explanation there is always a statement of something that just "happens", with no reason for it happening. Equally, I accept due to experience that I have a great capacity for being totally wrong on some things. I look forward to many a discussion with anyone about my Christianity.

Though I haven't gone into many of my views in this bio, it suffices to say that I often have strong views on anything which involves argument.

I don't claim to know everything, and I really genuinely and honestly welcome a chance to debate stuff with people. This is something which in today's society is in my opinion more rare, and therefore more valuable, than gold.