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Hi, I'm Faaiq Bilal, a 16-year-old born, raised, and currently residing in a Muslim family in Pakistan. My beliefs stray from spiritualism and I do not tend to be vocal about them. In politics, I'm not sure which 'wing' I would support. I try to search for the side which would cause the least harm and a comparative benefit. I advocate human rights for everyone, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or however they wish to classify themselves.

I like literature, both in English and my mother tongue, Urdu. Perhaps my interest in politics is also based on my liking of literature. Just to put this into context, since about 1958, Urdu literature has primarily been about the eradication of oppression and the need for free speech.

My reason for being part of reperceived is mostly because Arya invited me to it, saying it would be an interesting opportunity, which has proven true thus far. I hope my input is of positive consequence and that what I write is enjoyable to read.