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My name is Evans Lanigan, though I go by the nickname of Magenta. I am surprisingly young to be present amongst these people – only 12. As of now, I live somewhere in West Bengal, India. I am from a middle class family in a country I have grown to despise.

I am fully atheist, though you could hope to convert me if you manage to turn water into wine without using science (good luck). I respect others’ beliefs, but if they want to argue I shall be merciless. I believe that humanity, if it continues the way it’s going, will spell disaster, and that the only cure is a cull.

I check the whole week's newspapers every Sunday, since I am too lazy otherwise. So you can expect me to be up to date with the world on Sundays only :P.

I joined this project because I think that a mature environment (which my classmates are not) would benefit me, and that actively taking part in debates and controversial discussions might sharpen my debating and communication skills. Obviously, I also want my opinions to be known.