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United Kingdom

Social Media & Marketing

Hey, I’m Eleanor, an 18-year-old female living in a relatively respectable suburb in North West England. I’m taking a gap year from the general education process, during which I’ll be working out what I’m doing with my life. I’m an agnostic-atheist, which is to say that I don’t personally believe in any kind of supreme entity, but I can’t disprove that one exists.

I have left-wing/liberal views on just about everything, and I am very opinionated. If I have an opinion about something, I will be willing to write about it. However, I do have a particular interest in things relating to the media, the Internet and the impact they have on society, as well as generational differences (millennials vs baby boomers and all that).

I’m glad to be part of reperceived because I have an interest in learning why other people believe what they do, sharing why I hold my own beliefs, and questioning my beliefs and ideals – so this whole thing sounds wicked rad to me.