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United Kingdom, India

Social Media & Marketing

Hi! I’m Eisha, and I’m an 18-year-old girl from the UK. I’m hoping to study Medicine at university, although I also have a strong interest in writing and political issues.

In terms of religion, I am agnostic, but I also believe in some kind of vague force, even if it is not a God. Politically, I would say I’m centrist, but I lean towards the left on certain issues. Issues that I would be interested in writing about include those surrounding women’s rights, such as the topic of abortion and second-wave feminism, as well as LGBTQ+ issues and healthcare. However, there are loads more topics that I’m interested in that aren’t personal to me, ranging from the topic of the Black Lives Matter movement to covfefe.

I believe in healthy conversations occurring between people of diverse political backgrounds, as I believe this is vital to stop the development of a society consisting of polarised extremes. I’m excited to see reperceived’s success (for obvious reasons haha), but also to expand my acceptance of those with differing views to me.