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United Kingdom


Hi all, my name is Dom Bond and I'm an 18-year-old male from Manchester, England. Politically, I would identify as a right-leaning liberal where individual freedoms are the most important issue to me. I believe in government being limited to as small a size as possible. I personally reject "identity politics" on the basis that everyone should be judged on their individual merits alone. Grouping people into large demographics is a statistical fallacy, which ignores other contributing factors to a problem.

I'm an atheist, but I take the opinion that the existence of any divine being can never be proven nor disproven. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a point of contention with my stance provided one doesn't attempt to make assertions based on either position.

I think political discourse is extremely important and that all viewpoints should be allowed fair representation. Even those which seem abhorrent must first be understood if we are to eventually beat them.

I look forward to the many discussions that will undoubtedly ensue following the birth of this project!