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United Kingdom, India


Hey there, I’m Arya and I’m a 19-year-old guy from the UK. I am currently studying an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), and I have a strong interest in all three of these subject areas. In terms of my background, I live in the comfortable suburbs of a city region with a fairly global outlook, and consider both my British and Indian familial background to be important aspects of my identity.

Politically, I would say that I generally subscribe to centre-left policy positions, supporting democratic reform and the reduction of socioeconomic inequality while valuing pragmatism over idealism. When it comes to religious faith I’m an atheist, although I have a significant personal interest in Christian and Hindu theology, and in the philosophy of religion more broadly.

After having had many discussions about our own differing perspectives, Sarah and I came up with this project with the hope that we can challenge ourselves and others to truly value perspectives which contrast with our own. If a religiously-conservative creationist (Sarah) and a scientifically-minded atheist (me) can not only grow to value why the other person holds the worldview they do, but strike up a good friendship and run this project together, then we don’t consider this to be an impossible aim!