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United Kingdom

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Hello/Bonjour/Hola. However you want to say it, greetings and welcome to my bio. My name is Aliraza and I go by the online nickname of Therider – yes, you read correctly, Therider. (Never fear my readers, I am quite sane. I was 11 when I chose that.) I was born and raised in the middle-class suburbs of London, with parents of an ethnic background too difficult to comprehend. (Trust me, I’ve tried.) I have been raised as a Muslim, combined with a firm belief in open faith and tolerance.

I have just finished my A-Levels, and intend to begin university seeking an undergraduate degree studying Politics and International Relations.

Politically speaking, I identify as radical centrist, as I believe in pragmatism over dogmatic ideology. The reform of institutions is integral to my belief, though keeping what is successful is key. Others have defined me as a ‘soft centrist’ – maybe one day, we’ll actually have a definition of what this is!

My reasoning behind joining the reperceived movement lies at the core of society today: a rise in hate, intolerance, and shouting others down has without question divided our society. The knowledge that I could contribute towards bridging the rift really left me with no choice but to take part.