Who We Are

Information about our team of young people from around the world.


The Data Guy

The Forum Guy

Editorial Team

Social Media & Marketing


Aeowyn – United States
Aldo – United States
Ali – United Kingdom, Iraq
Anima – United States
Arik – United States
Bebo – Israel
Brendan – United States
Cameron – United Kingdom
Hannah – United Kingdom

Harry – United Kingdom
Jonathan – United States
Josh – United Kingdom
Karlos – Panama
Kavan – Sri Lanka
Kira – Canada
Luke – New Zealand, Canada
Lyuben – Bulgaria
Mahika – United Kingdom, India

Marc – Australia
Matt – Australia
Nathaniel – Cambodia, United States
Pippa – United Kingdom, Australia
Roberts – Latvia
Robyn – United Kingdom
Victoria – United Kingdom
Yisroel – Canada
sirogo – Belgium

Bios for the above members of our team will be added once their first articles have been released!