One of the biggest challenges we face in the world today is false tolerance. Sure, we might say that we accept each other’s views, but polarising headlines and antagonistic politicians reflect our failure to empathise with others. People are becoming more and more divided every day, and we often don’t even try to understand why others hold the beliefs they do.

Our challenge is this: Could you put yourself in the shoes of someone who believes that the Bible is literally true? How about a strong atheist? Would you be willing to strike up a friendship with someone very liberal, or a strictly traditional conservative?

Reperceived is a social project bringing together young people from around the world to explore a range of current issues. From politics, social issues, education and human rights to religion, the environment, economics and modern technology – for each issue we cover, we publish multiple articles with each one exploring a different viewpoint. If you’ve ever wanted to see the contrasting For and Against positions on a controversial topic presented side-by-side, and to learn why people hold the opinions they do, this project is for you.

We aim to challenge people’s stereotypes and burst social bubbles. Most media organisations are biased and only appeal to what their target audience wants to hear, but reperceived aims to celebrate our contrasting human perspectives. As the reader, we want you to get involved in the debate and express your own viewpoints. Head over to our Forum to discuss our articles, or take part in general debate on topical issues.

Ultimately, we aim to encourage open, honest expression that leads to mutual respect across social divides. If a group of young people from many different countries can not only value why others hold the worldviews they do, but take part in this project together and strike up good friendships along the way, then we don’t consider this to be an impossible goal!